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kh Elbow Room watermarked.jpeg

 "Elbow Room" ©2020

kh Monarch watermarked.jpeg

"Thunderhead"  ©2021

© Copyright
kh White Buffalo Calf Woman watermarked.
kh The Theory of Never Look back waterma

"The Theory of Never Look Back"  ©2020

"White Buffalo Calf Woman"  ©2021


kh When Mountain Speaks watermarked.jpg

"When the Mountain Speaks" ©2020

kh Old Rivals frame watermarked.jpg

"Old Rivals in the New Land"(The White Hawk) © 2020

kh The Smell of Rain watermarked Framed.jpg

"Monsoon" ©2020

kh Mountain Life watermarked.jpeg

"Mountain Life" ©2020

kh Follow Your Heart watermarked.jpg

"The Sweetheart Trail" ©2019

kh The Grifters watermarked.jpg

"The Grifters" ©2021

kh Arizona Red watermarked.jpeg

"Arizona Red" ©2020


kh Homeward Bound watermarked.jpg

"Homeward Bound" ©2019

kh NEW Sunset Trail Superstitions watermarked.jpg

"The Sunset Trail" Superstition Mountains ©2021

kh Play Misty COMPLETE brightened SIGNED Gallery.jpg

"Misty Butte", Prescott ©2020

kh Plaza Sunset watermarked.jpeg

"Plaza Sunset" Prescott ©2021

kh Legends of Whiskey Row BEST SIGNED Gallery Watermarked.jpg

"Legends of Whiskey Row" ©2019

                         JUST OFF THE EASEL!

    Two New Releases from Kuki Hargrave Fine Art

   Now Available in Giclee Canvas and Paper Prints


                         50th Anniversary Commemorative Poster

                             Celebrating Prescott's Movie History

                                   "Junior Bonner" 1972 to 2022

                          Starring Prescott's Own  Yavapai County Constable Ron Williams as Junior

                 NOW AVAILABLE AT  The Ian Russell Gallery of Fine Art, Whiskey Row, Prescott, Arizona

            AP: 2/3  Giclee Canvas or 12" x 18" Posters, Signed/Stamped. Visit the Galley, or my  Etsy Store 

kh Ron Williams as Bonner Poster FINAL Watermarked.jpg

                                        NEW RELEASE!


                      A Portrait of John Henry "Doc" Holliday

            Based upon extensive historical research and authentic photographs, the artist has

             captured the mysterious essence of the man himself in this extraordinary portrait

            of the legendary gambler, OK Corral gunfighter, and trusted friend of Wyatt Earp.    

                                      A wonderful addition to your Old West collection! 

    AP:4/5  Giclee Canvas or Paper, All Sizes Available Now, Signed/Stamped.  Etsy Store Online.

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©2021 Kuki Hargrave Fine Art