Kuki Hargrave                                  

              Kuki is an award-winning photographer, designer and digital artist working in Prescott, Arizona.  Her distinctive artistic style draws primarily from classic and impressionistic genres,  combined with modern and  iconic  imagery. A working  artist for over 50 years, she took up digital composite art 10 years ago. She enjoys creating images from her photographs which blur the line between photography and painting.

           Kuki's works range in subject matter from luminous landscapes, to vintage SciFi scenarios, to historical and Western Art, to whimsical and nostalgic Pop Culture images. Her unique paintings and photographs are collected worldwide.

           Born in Hollywood, California, and raised by fun-loving grandparents, she moved to Arizona 25 years ago.  Kuki lives with her husband and two dogs in a mid-century home near  downtown Prescott. An avid history buff, Old West re-enactor, campfire guitar strummer, animal lover, kayaker, and  vintage car collector,  Kuki can often be found walking around downtown with her camera,

 gathering ideas for paintings.

                                                   My Thoughts on Art

Art doesn’t sell itself. It is part of one's job as an artist to make it accessible and desirable.

By supporting and promoting other artists and other forms of art, the artist can help enrich the lives of a world starving for Beauty.

Pay it forward by giving back to the community.

Push the boundaries, challenge one's self to learn, take risks, seek new vistas, and grow as an artist.

Be thankful for the opportunity to create, and for the eyes to see the Beauty.

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